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Tier 3 SOC Triage Specialist

Responsible for providing technical analysis over a team of Tier 2 and 1 analysts to monitor, detect, analyze, remediate, and report on cybersecurity incidents at the Network Operations Command Center for a major financial company.

  • Scrutinizing and providing corrective analysis to escalated cybersecurity events from Tier 2 analysts—distinguishing these events from benign activities, and escalating confirmed incidents to the Incident Response Team
  • Monitoring and reporting via SIEMs, network monitors, and logic applications to find and identifying undetected threats
  • Providing in-depth daily cybersecurity analysis to identify and troubleshoot specific cybersecurity incidents
  • Reporting common and repeat problems, observed via trend analysis, to SOC management and propose process and technical improvements to refine the effectiveness and efficiency of alert notification and incident handling
  • Managing and coordinating Critical Situation calls, network outages, capacity on demand (COD) and facilities maintenance modes


IT Specialist
April 2008 – March 2019

Responsible for the policy, execution, network security, and maintenance of client servers and web sites. Interaction on a daily basis with clients, network security engineers, project managers, and upper-level executives.

  • Setting up and maintaining servers, databases, networks, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and ensuring those services are set up in agreement with best practices and legal/auditing policies
  • Monitoring client networks for unauthorized access and malicious activities via SIEMs
  • Mitigating intrusions and network attacks (DDoS) on client’s servers
  • Assisting with incident response in the capacity of containment and eradication of network intrusions and the propagation of ransomware on networks and hosts
  • Audit and enforce IT processes to ensure consistent, well-integrated application structures in full ISO 27002 compliance


Senior Interactive Designer
September 2001 – March 2008

Designed and maintained Staples day-to-day online events. Created solutions that provided a consistent and friendly shopping experience while allowing for each web page’s visuals, iconography, and copy needs.

  • Created email and web templates to be used across all business platforms
  • Worked with other designers to oversee integrity of the email and web templates
  • Oversaw the re-branding of existing online designs including web site, collateral, email promotions, etc.


Technical Skills

Networks: Virtual Networking, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, LAN / WAN, routers & switching, IP Addressing and sub-netting, Cisco networking, Firewalls, Wireless Networking, and Amazon Web Services
Operating Systems: Windows10 Pro, Mac, Linux (CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, BackTrack 5 and Kali Linux), IBM AIX, Cisco IOS
Virtualization Software: VMWare Workstation and Oracle VBox
Security Utilities:Nmap, Metasploit, WireShark, IPS/IDS, EndPoint Anti-Virus, Mobile Iron
Digital Forensics: FTK Imager, Arsenal Image Mounter, PEiD, RegShot, Attack Surface Analyzer, Procexp, ProcMon, Malware Analysis
SIEMs: AlienVault, Splunk, New Relic, CyberArk, Service Now
Scripting: Python, JavaScript, Bash, Batch Script



Bachelor of Science Degree in Cyber Security (2018)
Champlain College, Burlington, VT